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As it is rightly said Mathematics is the Queen of all Sciences. Mathematics lays the road to Engineering. That is why, it has been given a lot of importance in Engineering studies. In the first B.Tech, there are two very difficult papers. Passing the two papers is just like an acid test for average students and Lazy students would understand that is essential the approach to Engineering should be different with that to regular Schooling. Mathematics Department in our College constitutes senior faculty who always strive to simplify the subject and lesson the burden on the slender shoulders of fresh Engineering students. The main vision of the Department to see that no students get less than a first class in their first attempt and could make use of the knowledge of Mathematics in the Completion of Engineering which great ease.

Physics forms the foundation for several branches of Engineering Studies. Unless the foundation is strong, the building won’t stand properly and permanently. As the Management understands this truth, they gave lot of importance to the establishment of Labs of high quality and appointment of good faculty. The faculty on rolls includes one Doctorate Mrs.V. P. Geetha Vani .The Department aims to simplify the subject and help the students develop love for the subject and taker up research activities in Engineering subjects which are very related to Physics. The Department believes to boost up Engineering Knowledge with the support of Physics.

Since there is a Pharmacy existing in the same campus (of Course in a different Building Block) the Department .of Chemistry is stronger than many other such Departments in such other College with regard to arrangement of lab, conduct of lab experiments and faculty. The Pharmacy which has half a dozen doctorates to our credit would readily support the Chemistry department in its strengthening .The Department would further strengthen in the days to come to help the students understand in the subject simply by experimenting them in the lab with their own hands.

Perhaps this Dept in this college is stronger than that in any other Engineering College. The promoter of the Institutions, Dr.K.V.Subba Reddy is an efficient Professor of English .He has vast Teaching experience of more than 35 years at different levels ranging from LKG to M.A Lit. He is the mind behind several Educational Institutions in Rayalaseema. He leads the team of the Department by taking classes in Grammar and Soft skills. The total Department Consists of efficient scholars as the Management understands the importance of communicative skills for getting a job in the IT Industry. The vision about the Development is to develop such individuals who can help themselves and also the society around them with their excellent Communicative skills. The Department envisages the students to occupy top positions in IT field all over the World.

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